Breakfast Clubs

The HOH Breakfast Clubs programme

Breakfast Clubs

It is clear from current research that some children are not getting fed adequately at home. These children come from poor and often chaotic family backgrounds.


A report carried out by Kellogg’s found that the number of breakfast clubs in the UK had reached over 20,000. Scientific research indicates that hunger impairs thinking and that behavioural, emotional and academic problems are more prevalent amongst hungry children, these children are unable to concentrate, have learning difficulties and are more likely to be disruptive in school. A healthy, nutritious breakfast will set them up for half the school day – often the half in which the most difficult lessons are scheduled. Without breakfast the academic performance on already disadvantaged children suffers.


There are also health considerations too. Skipping breakfast leads to poorer overall eating habits and is a recognised contributor to childhood obesity. Recent research carried out in eight European countries found that, children aged 10-12 who skipped breakfast were 80% more likely to be obese.


Working alongside ESCC and their catering contractor Chartwells, Hands of Hope will support schools with 35% or more pupils eligible for free school meals to set up and run breakfast clubs to deliver healthy, nutritious meals that will comply with the Government’s School Food Standards. They will be designed to give children energy, protein, vitamins and minerals and will be low in sugar, salt and fat.


We will also use the opportunity to educate the children on where their food comes from and the positive benefits of a healthy, balanced diet.

Local Community

Working in Partnership:

We will measure our success by collating continual feedback from all those involved including the children, their teachers and parents.
Local Community

The Benefits:

  • Children have improved health and nutrition
  • Children have improved attendance and punctuality
  • Children are able to socialise and make friends
  • Children have better relations with school staff
  • Improves parent engagement with school
  • Children can concentrate better – improving results

Set Up:

The HOH Breakfast Clubs programme will look to identify schools within the most deprived areas in Hastings and Rother with a minimum of 35% of pupils entitled to FSM.

Once schools have been identified we will look to help set up and run breakfast clubs within the schools using volunteers and assisted by corporate partners such as Kellogg’s and Greggs.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to get involved or simply want to know more, get in touch via our “contacts” page quoting “Breakfast Clubs”