Grow to Show

The HOH Community “Grow to Show”  programme

Community: Grow to Show

At its core our “Grow to Show” programme will be an umbrella project for an extensive number of schemes that utilise the Growing and Cooking of in-season fruit and vegetables to not only raise vital funds for the charity but to connect children, families and the elderly through the process of growing fruit and veg on behalf of Hands of Hope.


These schemes will include individuals, groups or organisations growing from “Allotments”, “Care Homes”, “Domestic Gardens”, “Community Gardens” and “School Gardens”, utilising organic seedlings or plug plants, germinated and grown in trays in Hands of Hope’s Victorian Glass House. Produce will be used to sell via our Cook Van, at Farmer’s Markets or for Veggie Boxes, providing an ongoing revenue stream to help sustain our activities.

Grow to show – To combat Loneliness:

A study by Barton and Pretty confirmed that green exercise “lead to positive short and long‐term health outcomes” (2010: 3947). In line with our core objectives, producing home-grown fruit and vegetables has the following benefits:

The Benefits

The Benefits:

  • Acquiring new skills for those that require it
  • Inducing feelings of relaxation and reducing stress
  • Stimulating physical activity
  • Facilitating social contact and social capital
  • Additional produce for HOH to be used to raise funds and support our programmes
Set Up

Set Up:

We will reach out to individuals in the local community via social media and advertising as well as organising meetings with local Allotment Groups and Community Gardens to encourage participation and support for the Grow to Show scheme.

Getting in Touch

If you are interested in hearing more about our Grow to Show programmes please get in touch.