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Pruning Fruit Trees led by Steve Oram in 2019

Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Training / FULLY BOOKED

Our annual, practical, hands-on training session ahead of the traditional Wassail Ceremony.
Date: 19 January 2024
Time: 11:00 am
 – 3:00 pm
Cost: FREE
Availability: 0 spaces available

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Every year, Hands of Hope runs our Annual Winter Fruit Tree Pruning Training session followed by a traditional Wassail Ceremony. This year the session will be delivered by Steve Oram, Orchard Biodiversity Officer from People’s Trust for Endangered Species (PTES).

Winter pruning and practical, hands-on training, will be done with our old, established trees, maintaining the shape and growth of the tree, cutting out overcrowded or diseased growth which we hope will increase the growth vigour of the tree in the following year.

90% of traditional orchards have been lost since the 1950s to neglect, development or conversion to intensive modern orchards which contribute a negative impact on biodiversity. Furthermore, 45% of the remaining orchards surveyed in England by PTES were found to be in declining condition as a habitat. By far the most common reason for this is lack of replacement tree replanting, meaning these remaining old orchards will quickly disappear unless action is taken.

Traditional orchards are fantastic for wildlife as they are made up of several different habitats, including elements of woodland, hedgerow and meadow grassland. This mosaic of habitats is home to a range of biodiversity, including butterflies, bumblebees, birds, bats and beetles. The unique way fruit trees age creates an indispensable habitat for a wide range of rare and interesting species.

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