Growing in Schools

The HOH “Grow to Show” at school programme

Growing in Schools

In the UK today, diet poses a greater threat than anything else to our health and life expectancy. For the first time ever, today’s children will live unhealthier and shorter lives than their parents, because of the food they eat. If children and families learn how to plant and grow vegetables, they will get into healthy eating. “Give a child a carrot and you feed it for a meal. Teach a child to garden and you feed it for life”.


A recent evaluation carried out by the University of Baths Centre for research found that growing in schools had a diverse and far-reaching impact for everyone involved.


The HOH “Grow to Show” at school programme will set out to teach children about the environment, where food comes from and its nutritious value.


There are currently 155 primary schools in East Sussex and 528 in Kent; 30 secondary schools in East Sussex and 128 in Kent. For the West Kent, Hastings and Rother regions which incorporate both our sites in Peasmarsh and Hawkhurst as a first target, there are 27 primary schools and 9 secondary schools.

Working in Partnership:

Working in partnership with local schools as well as Educational Organisations and Primary Trusts, our aim is to develop a programme that will encourage children to get outside, be more active and connected with nature and more importantly, provide an avenue for them to learn more about where their food comes and broaden their taste buds.

The Benefits

The Benefits:

  • Acquiring skills and knowledge
  • Understanding and appreciating the environment
  • Improving health and well-being
  • Encouraging positive values and behaviours
  • Increasing participation in school and the wider community
Living Garden Set Up

Set Up:

To do this we will reach out to the local community to support growing in their local schools to help set up, raise funds and offer ongoing support for the school. We will work with Head Teachers to create a food growing space which can be used, not only to teach children where their food comes from along with practical growing skills, but can also be used to incorporate the teaching of other subjects, so that children may experience the world beyond the classroom. Our role will see us support all initiatives required for the creation and development of such a space.

What we already done

What we have already done:

  • Created The Living Garden Project with Robertsbridge Community College
  • Engaged with ESCC to identify other schools

Getting in Touch

If you would like to get involved or simply want to know more, get in touch via our “contacts” page quoting “growing in schools”