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490K Raised to date

Help Build The Wall

We need your help to raise £1.4 million pounds to create this amazing Community Space

Help Build the Wall

Hands of Hope have raised the funds and acquired a new community space in Hawkhurst which will serve as an educational facility for our core projects but we now need to raise £1.4 million to build and develop the site over the next 18 months. Our aim is to establish a range of social enterprise services and initiatives that will serve the local community and act as income generators for the core charity. Local people and in particular families, young children and the elderly, will have access to healthy, sustainable and affordable food, as well as learning how to grow and cook it.

Although not established all at once, these core services and initiatives will include selling organic produce, producing and distributing Veggie Boxes and weekly family Lunch Boxes, producing and selling annual plug plant gardens for schools and general customers through our Grow to Show scheme as well as offering accredited organic growing courses and running a healthy eating cook school for the general public.

Hawkhurst will be designed as a Community space to teach, train and encourage healthy food choices among adults and children. Our aim is to enhance access to in-season, fresh fruit and vegetables. We will also provide facilities offering family nutritional education as well as areas for physical activity for adults and children alike, via gardening, cooking and play.

We will offer recreational opportunities; nutritional advice; education and training ‘outdoor classrooms’ for informal learning and formal accredited training courses; venues for lifelong learning and school-based learning as well as facilitating local economic development; incubating social enterprises such as Plug Plants, Farm Shop, Training Programmes, Cookery lessons etc, but we can’t do this without your help.

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Hawkhurst Initial Report

Read the initial design thoughts for the Hawkshurst Walled Garden design

The Wall will be designed as a Community space where children, the elderly and families can come together, reconnect with where their food comes from and learn how to grow and cook healthy, nutritious food. It will be a place of learning, a place for friendship; a place where everyone can grow together, but we need your help to make it happen.

The total cost will be £1.4 million and to date we have raised:

Purchase of Walled Garden Site with 18 Acres £360K
Site Clearance £10K
Reptile Survey and Relocation £5K
Architect and Design Fees £15K

We need to raise £1.4 million pounds to build The Wall.

We need your help to raise:

Landscaping including parking £250K
Repair of existing wall £75k
Erection of cookery school £350k
Erection of classroom/seminar room £350k
Other buildings £50k
Installation of services £200k
Victorian greenhouse £150k

So why not:

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