Look to Cook – In School

The HOH “Look to Cook” programme

Look to Cook - In School

Childhood obesity is getting worse and this in part is down to peoples’ lack of cooking skills. By teaching our children to cook they are more likely to grow up to be healthy adults because they have a better knowledge of cooking techniques, preparing food and new tastes.


From 2014 the requirement for practical cooking lessons came into effect and there are 155 primary Schools in East Sussex and 528 in Kent. A large portion of these schools don’t have access to a teaching kitchen.


Working alongside ESCC and KCC we will support those schools that are struggling to deliver this part of the curriculum. Our mission will not only deliver on the national curriculum but also empower young people to make healthier food choices. Our programmes will be delivered both from our bespoke cooking classroom in Hawkhurst and also at schools throughout the Counties.

Local Community

Working in Partnership:

During non-term time we will also hold workshops and classes at our Hawkhurst site and will offer a number of assisted spaces for those in receipt of child tax credit or income support.
Local Community

Set Up:

The “Look to Cook” programme will initially run from our Hawkhurst site which is currently being developed. Part of this development is a bespoke cooking classroom which will have flexible space so that both children and adults can be taught there.

What we have already done:

Acquired planning to build the kitchen and engaged with a company specialising in the design of the kitchen school at The Wall in Hawkhurst.

Getting in Touch

If you would like to get involved or simply want to know more, get in touch via our “contacts” page quoting “Look to Cook”