Men in Sheds

Campaign to End Loneliness

Men in Sheds - A place to enjoy retirement:

Men In Sheds will be set up in Hawkhurst, to promote general wellbeing, continuing education and healthy lifestyles for retired men and other men who are looking to use their time constructively and enjoyably. We plan to do this by setting up a location or “Shed” where the men can go to engage in creative, enjoyable activities and meet and chat with other men. Various local government, NHS health, and volunteer groups in our community have identified a strong need for something like this. This Men’s Shed model has proven successful in Australia where there are over 550 in existence.


30% of Kent’s population will be over 60 by 2026. People aged 85 and over are the fastest growing age group across the population. Despite the opportunities presented – such as the economic gains from people working longer and increased life expectancy – there are considerable challenges associated with an ageing population. “Campaign to End Loneliness ” estimate that 10% of the UK population aged over 65 is lonely all or most of the time.  Various interest groups share a common concern over the absence of activities for older men and the resulting deterioration in their health and wellbeing. A lack of social interaction results in some men becoming withdrawn and isolated from their community.

men building a wooden shed

Working in Partnership:

Our aim is to set up and operate a meeting place or collective “shed” where men will be able to share skills, actively pursue hobbies, work on community projects and have a place to go and relax knowing they are among friends. The reported benefits for the men will be improved self-esteem, a chance to learn new skills and practice old ones, overcoming isolation, improved social interaction and the chance to enjoy an active, healthy retirement.

man in shed in sunlight

The benefits of Men in Sheds:

  • Improved self-esteem from using their skills for constructive purposes
  • The opportunity to learn new skills and practice old ones
  • Having a place to go to spend time outside the home with people of similar interests
  • Overcoming isolation through getting out of the house and improved social interaction
  • An improved awareness of medical issues important to aging men

Getting in Touch

If you would like to get involved or simply want to know more, get in touch via our “contacts” page quoting “Men in Sheds”