Growing Together – Building Communities

Rural & Environmental

Using lessons from the past to sustain our future.

Bee in Company


Community Beekeeping

Under the guidance of an experienced local Beekeeper, we have created four hives in the orchard and aim to train local enthusiasts to look after the bees and they, in turn, will extend their knowledge to other enthusiasts. You will learn all about the Honey Bee with hands on practice including hive construction, disease prevention, extracting honey and so much more. Trained Volunteers will then extend their knowledge to teaching days for the local community including children and schools.

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Heritage Rural Skills

Heritage Hedge-Laying

Protecting & Preserving Rural Practises

From heritage land management techniques including hedge-laying to teaching endangered country skills such as Sussex Trug Making & Hurdle Making to maintaining our planting new varieties of heritage fruit trees, we work with local skilled craftspeople in providing training in heritage skills currently in decline – preserving and protecting the knowledge for the next generation.

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