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We are increasing our Prices

19 April 2022

Here’s what you need to know

  • The Increase will be between 5% – 7% depending on the product
  • The Increase affects NON-SUBSCRITION Customers ONLY.
  • All Products on our website will reflect the new price
  • Everything else is staying the same

Sign up for a weekly/ bi weekly SUBSCRIPTION and save on your order.

What’s in your bag this week

Large Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-fruit-veg-box-large/#contents

Medium Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-veg-box-medium/#contents

Small Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-veg-box-small/#contents

Large Fruit & Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-fruit-veg-box-large/#contents

Medium Fruit & Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-fruit-veg-box-medium/#contents

Small Fruit & Veg Box – https://www.hohcharity.co.uk/product/seasonal-organic-fruit-veg-box-small/#contents

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